Convenient store
In June 2011, BBG group established its Hunan HUIMIBA convenience store, which is a subsidiary company of BBG Chain Business Limited Liability Company. The company aims to build the convenience store brand (HUIMIBA), and construct convenience service basement in Hunan province. It aims to meet the needs of citizens in every moment whilst serving as the most attractive, clean, and welcoming convenience store chain.

HUIMIBA has long been putting consumers’ needs first. The motto of Honeystore is to offer the best products with the best consumer service. It mainly offers package food, consumptive daily necessities, instant food and a number of attached services such as printing and copying, free warming, free hot water, free local call, recharge of water, electricity and gas, as well as credit card payment, receiving and sending packages of EMS and S.F. Express for consumers. The business advantage lies in leading consumer’s demand, diversifying convenient service, and the offering a spacious shopping environment. Community shop with city shop parallel distribution network is different from the same industry’s core competitiveness.  

In 2012, Changsha( Hunan) was authorized the complex trial city of  national modern service sector. Under the calling and guidance of related policies, BBG group and its wholly owned subsidiaries-, HUIMIBA Company responded to it positively and played a part in the building of Hunan modern circulation system with full strength. As the first batch trial unit of modern service sector, HUIMIBA worked hard to promote the rapid development of business construction in community and city.

Our company plans to, in 3 years (from 2015 to 2017), open 1000 BBG HUIBIMA convenience stores in Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Xiangtan. To cover areas of peoples’ daily life and trip within the region and other parts in Hunan province, HUIMIBA committed to building perfect community, city convenient service system, and intellectual community center, thus being a good helper of common people and intimate friend of consumers.