As a major part of BBG Group’s Yunhou platform strategy, B2B division has three main business models, including distribution, global purchasing, and convenience operation model.

Hunan Hailong logistics and distribution Co, LTD, is a major part of B2B distribution model. The main business of the company is to sell grain and oil, snack food, drinks and integrate supply chains.

The company has more than 600 employees, 4 large storage and distribution centers. The distribution networks of the company covers every corner in Hunan province with more than 80 renowned brands at home and abroad, including Jinlongyu, Xufuji, Wrigley, Dove, Jinliufu, Changyu, NONGFU SPRING, Haitian, Sofy and so on.

The business division is developing whole-channel agent of brands at home and abroad, at the same time, it vigorously develops its own brand, works hard to connect international supply chain, thus achieving direct procurement of global marketable products in the place of origin.

As for convenience store operation, it focuses on network development, operation support and data analysis, supplying convenience store owners with all-round retailing solutions. At present, the company boasts various cooperation models such as self-pickup by customer, supplying of goods, entrusted operation, joining in with stores, joining in cooperation, and self-operation as well as three convenience stores brands- HUIMIBA, IBBG, Yunhou Wi-Fi.

The company is committed to, together with other partners, building IBBG business union for the O2O“last 100 meters”, thus offering wholehearted services for community and creating an intellectual life for consumers.