BBG E-MART, as the third major business model of the BBG group, expanded rapidly with favorable operation strategies. By the end of May 2015, BBG E-MART reached annual sales of RMB 2 billion, owned 63 destination stores for appliances, with outlets across a number of regions, including Chongqing, Chengdu and all prefecture-level cities in Hunan province. BBG E-MART is committed to, together with the development of the BBG group, enhancing layout of networks, cutting operation cost, improving core competitiveness, and offering consumers with convenient, considerate, and professional services of electronic appliances.
Setting standards while putting models first

Continuously creating new operation models of outlets, at present, BBG E-MART owns 4 outlet models, including E-MART hypermarket, E-MART special stores, E-MART flagship stores, and E-MART intellectual home appliances stores.

With the support of Food Business Unit, E-MART hypermarket rapidly established its intensive retailing networks. It offers convenient services of shopping and logistics for consumers. Open and standard shelves make it available to display more products per unit area, improve outlets operation efficiency, cut suppliers operation cost, reduce consumers cost of time and choice. “Buy appliances in E-MART, and save your money and time.” As completed category electronic home appliances stores, E-MART special stores and E-MART flagship stores both adopt large scale shop in shop models with quality display. It caters to meet different consumption needs with various brands and products. E-MART works hard to help consumers to experience the happy of life with advantaged location, comfortable shopping environment, and professional shopping guidance. “Better life, BBG”.

In April 2015, the first intellectual home appliances store Shengli Flagship store was launched in Hunan-Xiangtan. It was developed by BBG Appliance stores, with 100M Wi-Fi covers, customerss have access to surf the Internet as much as one likes. The human-computer interaction area makes consumers’ life more interesting. Electronic photography training room makes consumers the photography experts in friends circle. Meanwhile, Xiangtan Shengli Flagship Store also equipped with competitive game center, consumers could enjoy the games and have fun with friends. In cooking zone, consumers could taste or make various kinds of food. Besides, Xiangtan Shengli Flagship Store gathered over 100 renowned brands around the globe. With many fashion and intellectual new products published for the first time, it boasts endless charm as consumers could touch the product by hand. What’s more, very different display of products makes an intellectual and convenient life for consumers.
Collaboration and innovative marketing

BBG Appliance stores follow the operation principle of “small profits but quick returns”. It continuously improves its supply chains gradually, oriented by the consumption needs. We have enriched shopping guidance of terminal products in the market through orders procurement, customization and exclusive sales. With customer’s interest as fundamental principle, BBG Appliance stores are committed to seeking common profits of suppliers and retailers and offering the most cost-effective products for customers. Meanwhile, BBG Appliance stores will strengthen cooperation and collaboration in service sector, standardize services, and further dig out the value of brand services.

BBG Appliance stores have established close cooperation relationship with almost 500 suppliers. It follows the spirit of specialized division and social collaboration, jointly connects distribution channel in the market with its partners to achieve a benign interaction. BBG Appliance stores are committed to seeking win-win among enterprises, consumers, and suppliers with the support of super chain-stores and collaboration.
Wholehearted services for consumers

BBG boasts the biggest modern logistic center of retailing in southern China, which covers an acre of 500 mu. It and plays the role of radiation to Hunan and other surrounding parts such as Jiangxi, with annual distribution revenue of 5 billion RMB.

BBG Appliance stores always put client consumption first, follow the principle of “creating value for client, client is always right”. We touch customers in every aspect through first-class speed, ability and sincere attitude. It supplies wholehearted services with desirable prices, sincere services, intimate gifts, relived logistics, and convenient installation for consumers. Besides, BBG Appliance stores woks hard to intensify standards, differences, and added values, cutting the psychological and usage cost of clients and improving transition value, earning and purchasing power of clients. Thus enhancing brand competitiveness of BBG, and playing a leading role of new fashion in service sectors.