Wilmal cereals and oils group’s chairman Guo kongfeng visited BBK

Guo Kongfeng, the chairman of Wilmal cereals and oils group , visited BBK company.They made an exploratory visit to all the business forms of the company.
On December 18, Guo Kongfeng, the chairman of Wilmal cereals and oils group, led a group of 18 executives to BBK. Chairman Guo kongfeng visited BBK MeiXi Xintiandi, Central Kitchen and JiuHua Xintiandi successively.so they can understand the development of BBK group, business model, food processing and fresh logistics cold chain distribution.The two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on cooperation in the Central Kitchen.

Chairman Guo Kongfeng gave full recognition to the development of BBK and highly recognized the potential of the central kitchen industry.He wants the historic Walmal and BBK to have a chance to "reconnect" in the Central Kitchen and bring a more safe, healthy and delicious meal experience to consumers together .At the same time, Chairman Guo Kongfeng also has shown great interest in BBK's ta  poverty alleviation industry -- the Shibadong mountain spring factory .He said that the Shibadong mountain spring factory is a good project, and call it love water. Wilmal is willing to take part in the poverty alleviation industry, and helps the sales of the Shibadong mountain spring water through its own channels.

Wilmal group is a diversified enterprise group invested by the fortune global 500 company in China, it is mainly engaged in grain and oil processing, oil and grease chemical industry, logistics ship generation, internal and external trade and seed industry research and development, and repeatedly won the "China top 500 enterprises", "the foreign capital enterprise outstanding contribution award", "made in China food industry outstanding contribution award", "China charity award", "the hope project 20 years special contribution award" and other awards or title.