2018 BBK group management annual meeting held at the Sheraton hotel.

On January 8, 2018, BBK Group's annual management conference entitled "Empower the new age." was held at Sheraton hotel in Changsha .The top management of BBK group and the management of its various business groups attended the meeting.

Chairman Wang Tian first gave an impassioned keynote speech on the strategic thinking of China's retail industry and the pace of the 2018 year ,then the head of each business department reviewed the work in 2017,and made a comprehensive and profound statement about the company's strategy in 2018.Group President Chen Zhiqiang chaired the meeting.
"We landed in the capital markets successfully ten years ago , In 2018, China has entered a new era, and the company has set a new high growth target. The year 2018 is another milestone for BBK!" With the hope of the future, the Chairman Wang Tian gave a speech around the retail environment of 2017, the new trend of retail development, the digital strategy of BBK group and the development target of BBK group .He said the company had entered a rapid expansion and would continue to open 100 new stores in 2018 .BBK would maintain a 25 percent growth rate over the next five years.