BBK, Tencent, JD.COM digital strategy cooperation officially launched on the Lantern Festival.
On March 2, which is the day of the Lantern Festival in China, BBK met with JD.COM and Tencent and held a full start meeting in Changsha. They discussed the implementation of the digital strategy in the main venue and the conference hall, and set a timetable for cooperation in the stock business. and Tencent representative have made a detailed introduction to their business advantages and project cases .they put forward some relevant Suggestions on the launch of the gait store system, and will provide support to the maximum extent, including selection support, activity support, etc. Subsequently, the three-party team discussed the project according to the specific business sub-item., and quickly established a new project team, and the two sides clarified the responsibilities of each project leader.

According to the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by Tencent and JD.COM, The three parties will jointly develop the vision of "smart retail" and "unbounded retail" to establish a long-term strategic partnership. They will carry out in-depth cooperation in building new capacity, building a "digital" operation system and creating new ecological fields, so as to remodel the value chain of the retail industry. In addition, the three parties indicated that they would cooperate through joint ventures or other means of capital cooperation to explore the application transformation of new technology in offline scene together.