Mr. Wang held the first conference of the "Spirit of the two sessions" after his return

On March 22, the NPC deputy and chairman of BBK group Wang Tian, who had just attended the NPC and CPPCC sessions, hold a video and telephone conference to preach the spirit of two sessions at the first time .He delivered the voice of the National People's Congress and the latest policy of the country to the employees of the company in a timely manner, and faithfully performed the sacred duty of a representative of the NPC .The meeting was packed, and more than 300 executives from BBK group joined in the teleconference.

At the meeting, the chairman combined his feelings and experience to detail the work report of the government at the two sessions and the core content of the reform plan of the state council. He had also conveyed the spirit of the central leadership in the discussion of the Hunan delegation.

In the government work report of the two sessions this year, the "fight against poverty" is one of the hottest words. During the meeting, the chairman proposed that we should use "Shibadong " as a unified brand. In five years, we will build five to eight village water bottling plants of Eighteenth Cave Spring in poor villages with high quality water in other enterprises in Hunan. We need to strengthen the water use industries, and make "Eighteenth Cave " industry poverty alleviation brands bigger and stronger.