Originated in the Shibadong village, burnished with 30 million investment and 11 months preparation, Shibadong village mountain spring officially launched on world water day
On March 22, Shi Bazhuan, who became a web celebrity because of the word "I don't know how to call you "when the General Secretary Xi JinPing visited the Shibadong village in Hua Yuan County, appeared on the stage of Shibadong Spring launch ceremony at Sheraton Hotel in ChangSha. As the host asked her about the wishes in 2018, she answered "I hope General Secretary Xi come back to Shibadong village again and taste the spring water produced here "excitedly.

After burnished with 30 million investment and 11 months preparation, Shibadong village mountain spring officially launched on World Water Day

The deputy director of the standing committee of people's congress in Hunan province, the secretary of the western Hunan autonomous prefecture, Ye Hongzhuo, and the governor of the state of western Hunan, Long Xiaohua, and other leaders attended the launching ceremony of the day.

In order to support the work of poverty alleviation, the bank and business leaders on the spot purchased 116,000 cases of product. Milmal and other companies have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the water plant of the Shibadong village.

Chairman Wang Tian expressed his gratitude to the leaders and guests who came to witness the loving poverty alleviation products' launch ceremony said the” Shibadong Village Mountain Spring “is a program aim to keep people out of poverty for a long term.